watercolor journal\\stay creative during quarantine

Hey guys it’s been a very very long time since I posted last time and things have been changed a lot in my life and also I believe, in your life.

nice view 🙂

Right now, I am sitting at my balcony and enjoying my lunch break (without lunch). And be grateful to the weather.

It’s hard to stay productive and creative during this hard time coz I can literally tell you right now what I did in the morning and even what I will do during the night. But I am still grateful to be able to sit here and to live as I know a lot of people out there are fighting for us. When the quarantine started, I took almost 2 weeks to adjust all my life and to get used to the new normal. And I started to do my #quaran journal..to document/sketch every little thing happened during my day..and I found there are a lot of beauty and sometimes we just ignore them/ didn’t realize their existence. So I want to share with you my little things during quarantine and hope you find them cute:)

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And I started an Instagram account for my artwork


And you can also check my YouYube video 30-day quaran journal sharing

Have a nice day:)


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