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Beyond data|SPACE walks

welcome back 🙂

Hey guys:)

It’s been a (reallyyyy) long time since last time I posted my waterpainting. And my #30-day challenge still stops at the 18th day. A lot of things have happened in my life and I decided to come back (finally. I’ve been learning data visualization for over one year. I found it’s pretty cool to see data in a more visual way and I would like to share my viz here.

Sooooo, let’s get started with some NASA data.

The image below is my visualization about NASA space walkers:

Click on the image to play with viz 🙂
This visualization is developed by Tableau.

So what does this tell you?

  • 2017 & 2018 is two big years for NASA as it has the most space walks. The size of bubble represents the number of space walks.
  • USA’s most space walk is #20
  • The Michael guy is the space walker who walks the longest duration

You may find more interesting things while you hover over each chart.

<Here is where the data come from>

Space Station Spacewalks

Data is collected originally from NASA and you can find their visualization here:

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Have a nice nice day.

#30 days challenge|meteor showers

Day 16 | meteor showers

Inspired by Instagram posts.

Make a wish when seeing the meteor showers.

And this postcard has been sold!!

Special thanks to my first buyer:)

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Have a nice nice day.

iris-now | watercolor

#30 days challenge|pleasantly cool

Day 15 | pleasantly cool

It’s June 3rd already BUT Toronto is still not as warm as summer time. Today is windy and pleasantly cool. Can’t quite feel the warm as it looks like.

My 30-day watercolor challenge is half way done and I am still keep learning and practicing. It’s just nice to have something to do when you feel a bit lost.


Happy Monday:)

Gallery|Paint my dopamine

This is how I feel when I paint.

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iris-now | watercolor

#30 days challenge|summerhill

Day 14 | summerhill

Just Chill & Breathe the summer vibe:)

Inspired by a post from Instagram.

I painted with light and bright color, feeling like summer time.


Also, it’s Friday night so rewarded myself a glass of wine and a plate of cheese & berry & avocado & salami ( greek yogurt mixed with avocado and seaweed dressing is phenomenal).

Have a good good night:)

Last day of May ❤️

#30 days challenge|Field

Day 12 | Field

Monday morning 🌞

Inspired by Instagram and decided to draw a rice field under the starry sky.

Really love how different colors come together to create this dim effect.


P.s my gallery at my office

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Have a nice nice day😄