#30 days challenge|summerhill

Day 14 | summerhill

Just Chill & Breathe the summer vibe:)

Inspired by a post from Instagram.

I painted with light and bright color, feeling like summer time.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByIILichArr/

Also, it’s Friday night so rewarded myself a glass of wine and a plate of cheese & berry & avocado & salami ( greek yogurt mixed with avocado and seaweed dressing is phenomenal).

Have a good good night:)

Last day of May ❤️

#30 days challenge|from the window

Day 7| from the window

Sitting on a window-facing seat at Clover Food Lab, a coffee shop located Main St. People walked by the window. Everyone is so different. Some seemed to be very busy, barely remove their eyes from the cellphone. Some listened to the music, and some people just walked.

I sit here for the whole afternoon and started to sketch this view from the window. Nothing special.

I guess I will paint some color afterwards. But now just leave it black and white.

Iris’ How to|let’s paint vol.2

#PAINT with me vol.2

As I planned to travel, I bought a Van Gogh travel size watercolor and a 4*6 inches paper booklet for convenience. This is the first time I used Van Gogh and I found it easier to leave water marks 😦 , but performs fairly with this price.


  • Landscape painting: tree by the sea
  • Photography


  • Paper: Fluid Watercolor Paper cold pressed
  • Palette: Van Gogh travel set
  • Brush: ALVARO #2 & writing brushes

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#30 days challenge| 4/for seasons

Day 5| twilight/ night/ breeze/ glow

p.s.It’s a cloudy day, so the light made the paints a little bit darker.

p.p.s How do you paint countless “star” ? Well, my secret tool is ‘used electronic tooth brush head’. And it works perfectly!!

p.p.p.s I am heading to Boston today(excited and am writing this post at Toronto Pearson Airport), and it’s my first time be there. I bring my travel size watercolor box with me, so hopefully I can find something to paint!



See how cute those LEGO toys are.