Iris’ How to|let’s paint vol.2

#PAINT with me vol.2

As I planned to travel, I bought a Van Gogh travel size watercolor and a 4*6 inches paper booklet for convenience. This is the first time I used Van Gogh and I found it easier to leave water marks 😦 , but performs fairly with this price.


  • Landscape painting: tree by the sea
  • Photography


  • Paper: Fluid Watercolor Paper cold pressed
  • Palette: Van Gogh travel set
  • Brush: ALVARO #2 & writing brushes

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Thank you for watching:)

Iris’ How to|let’s paint

#PAINT with me

I uploaded videos recording how I paint watercolors( I am not a profession so you may find some mistakes I made :D). Sooooo please feel free to point out and leave comments regarding how should I improve!


  • Galaxy
  • Bookmarks


  • Paper: ARCHES cold pressed 300g/m^2
  • Palette: LUKAS 24 colors
  • Brush: ALVARO #2 & writing brushes