Beyond Data|❤️Can you find a Secret down here?

Click on the image to view the interaction and find the secret!
The view is a bit different using laptop and mobile.

This heart is created in Tableau. (Click on Tableau if you don’t know about this data visualization tool) by playing some Pi, SIN & COS tricks and this turns boring data into an interactive heart.

Click on image to view the source

It is a romantic(or nerdy? ) way to express love right? LOL

Initially got inspired by a Tableau Zen Master Adam E McCann and you can find his website here. He is amazing and contributes a lot to the data visualization community.

So let’s see how to make the magic happen:

Here is how data look like:

The first 2 columns [Data] and [Value] are the original data points, which is just simply 1 – 100. Hmmm, looks pretty boring.

How about this?

Converting the text table to a bar chart is much more interesting and you get a sense of how the Pi/Sin/Cos make the transformation of data.

  • t = (2PI())(([Data]+1)*0.01)
  • x = 16*SIN([t])^3
  • y = 13COS([t])-5COS(2[t])-2COS(3[t])-COS(4[t])

The above formulas are originally created by Adam and he shared on this website. You can play with them as well to create your own heart:)

So did you find it?

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Have a nice nice day 🌞


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